When Do Dogs Stop Growing?

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Article Highlights

  • Dogs stop growing at different times

  • Breed and genetics influence when your dog will stop growing

  • A dog’s size can also influence when they will stop growing

Puppies grow quickly. When will your puppy stop growing? It’s hard to say exactly as it can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months for dogs to reach their full-grown size. There are many factors that influence this, such as the genetics of their breed and the types of food they eat.


Small breed dogs tend to stop growing earlier than large breed dogs. Dogs under 25 pounds when fully grown grow quickly between 4 and 6 months old. They typically reach their full-grown size at 10-12 months old.

Medium breed dogs, those 25-50 pounds when fully grown, grow most quickly at 8 to 12 weeks old. They typically reach their full-grown size at 12-15 months.

Large breed dogs, those over 50 pounds, grow quickly at 8 to 12 weeks old. They typically reach full growth at 18 months.


When trying to guess the full-grown weight of your puppy, their paws may be an indicator. If their paws are too big for their body, they are not done growing. Larger paws tend to mean they will be taller and a larger weight when fully grown.

The size of the dog’s parents may also give you a sense of how large your dog will be when fully grown. For most breeds, males are larger than females.

It’s easier to predict when purebred dogs will stop growing based on accumulated data. It is harder to predict when mixed breeds will stop growing.

You may not know for sure when your puppy will stop growing, but these are some ways to refine your guessing game. And with nutrition being such a critical influencer of a dog’s growth it is important for you to consult with veterinary professionals for advice on what food is best for your puppy’s breed.