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Our Vision

The first anti-viral for FIP in cats

This drug is currently not FDA-approved

What is FIP?

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease in cats caused by certain strains of a feline corona virus

1 in 300cats die each year from FIP worldwide

90%*of cats have coronavirus-specific antibodies*in shelters and catteries

Forms of FIP

Effusive “Wet” Form

The signs of effusive form of FIP usually develop and progress relatively rapidly and include development of the above-mentioned non-specific signs combined with the accumulation of fluid in body cavities, including the abdomen and the thorax (chest cavity). Affected cats may develop a pot-bellied appearance due to fluid accumulation in the abdomen, and if the fluid accumulation is excessive, it may become difficult for a cat to breathe normally.

effusive fip cat

Non-Effusive “Dry” Form

Generally speaking, the signs of the noneffusive form, which may include the non-specific signs listed above as well as neurologic signs including seizures and ataxia (abnormal or uncoordinated movements) develop more slowly than those of the effusive form.

Regardless of which form they ultimately progress to develop, cats infected with FIPV usually first develop nonspecific signs of disease such as loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, and fever. It is also important to note that cases of the effusive form of FIP can evolve into the non-effusive form and vice-versa.

non effusive fip cat

Treatment & Prognosis

There are currently no approved treatments for FIP. Supportive care, including fluid therapy, drainage of accumulated fluids, and blood transfusions, are often indicated but unfortunately without a targeted treatment patients often succumb to the disease.

7-10 daysmedian survival time

Near 100%mortality rate

Zeroapproved treatments for FIP

FIP in Cats Hero

Until recently, FIP was considered to be a non-treatable disease.

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to working with the FDA to earn approval of a solution that is safe, effective, and affordable.

Target Product Profile

Safe and EffectiveSafe and EffectiveOur goal is to reach near 100% cure rate

Easy AdministrationEasy AdministrationTwice daily, subcutaneous injection with GC376

Rapid Reversal of SymptomsRapid Reversal of SymptomsSeeing symptoms improve within 48 hours of treatment is ideal

Affordable TreatmentAffordable TreatmentWe hope to provide a solution that is accessible to all

A Targeted Antiviral Designed to block coronaviruses from replicating

Results from study

before FIP treatment
Before treatment
after FIP treatment
1 week of treatment

How it Works

GC376 prevents viral replication by targeting the main 3CL protease of many coronaviruses including FIP

how FIP GC376 treatment works