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First-ever vaccine for systemic fungal infections in any species

Dangerous, debilitating fungal diseases affect millions of dogs every year. Just walking, playing, or digging outdoors puts dogs at risk.

Treatment requires months—and often a lifetime—of expensive antifungal therapies that carry the risk of side effects. Worse, early diagnosis is often missed, leading to delayed therapy, dissemination of the fungus throughout the body, and a poor prognosis.

New antifungal vaccines will soon replace 40-year-old treatment options

1st in class fungal vaccines

Canine Coccidioidomycosis


In Development

Canine Blastomycosis


In Development

Novel Vaccine Platform

Our new, never-done-before vaccine manufacturing process will bring groundbreaking preventive medicine to dogs across the US

Grow Spores

Grow Spores

Avirulent fungal spores are grown on special plates that supply nutrients required to maximize growth

Transfer to Vials

Transfer to Vials

Spores are transferred to vials containing the precise number of spores required to provide immunity

Lyophilization Process

Lyophilization Process

Exposure to specific temperatures and pressures removes excess water to concentrate spores into a pellet

This novel production process will provide the blueprint for the manufacturing of multiple antifungal vaccines at scale

Valley Fever

Man skateboarding with dog on a desert road
Most Common

Most Common

Reportable fungal disease in western US

Often Fatal

Often Fatal

Even when treated, infection can recur and cause debilitations or death

5x Increase

5x Increase

In reported cases since the year 2000, with spread linked to climate change

What used to be unpreventable will soon
have a vaccine

Valley Fever Vaccine Vial

Valley Fever Vaccine

Anivive's Valley fever vaccine demonstrated efficacy in laboratory studies and now awaits completion of a field safety study prior to submission for approval.

The vaccine is designed to be given as an injection, the same way dogs receive other vaccines, with two injections the first year and a single booster annually.