Benefits of Bringing a Pet to the Office

golden retriever sitting at head of conference table leading a meeting

Article Highlights

  • Having dogs in the office can decrease employee stress levels.

  • Adopting pet-friendly policies attracts potential employees.

  • Having dogs in the office bolsters your team’s emotional and social support.

The benefits of pet ownership are realized by numerous households every day. With the recent necessitated rise in working from home, many of us have become used to working with our beloved dogs curled up at our feet. The thought of having to return to an office without our dogs can be a sad one. It makes us wonder, what would it be like if we could have dogs in the office?

Every year, the number of companies with pet-friendly offices continues to rise. While it can be a complicated decision for a boss to make, there are tangible benefits to having pets around the office.

Less-stressed employees

A 2012 study from the Virginia Commonwealth University showed that employees who brought their dogs to work had lower hormonal stress levels than employees who did not.

For many pet owners, there’s nothing quite like greeting your pet at the end of a long day. Rather than wait until the end of the day, employees with their dogs can take moments throughout the day to de-stress before moving onto another task.

Increase employee performance

Dogs must be walked throughout the day. These walks can be good for employee performance and productivity. Getting up every few hours to walk around or stretch can help get rid of “brain fog.”

Attract top talent

Pet-friendly workplaces are a huge plus for prospective employees. When employees can bring their pets to work, it’s a strong incentive to stay at a company. This is especially true for people who own rescue dogs, puppies, or breeds that cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

Foster a supportive work environment

One of the most important factors of employee experience is the presence of a supportive work environment. Dogs can help contribute to an office’s emotional and social support network.

For many people, emotional support dogs provide comfort and stability. Allowing employees to bring animals to work can be an important factor for those returning to work or deciding where to work. Having flexible pet policies can show potential employees that you are open to supporting them beyond a professional capacity.

Having dogs around the office can also help promote positive relationships between employees. A dog, or any pet, can create commonalities between people who may otherwise not have interacted in an office setting. Employees can more easily build relationships with people outside their immediate teams or departments.

Adopting pet-friendly polices has the potential to make your office a more welcoming place to work. These are only a few of the benefits, with many more to be realized.