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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Tips for managing a multi-species household.

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It's not always easy to have cats and dogs living in a single household. Here are some tips for how to manage a multi-species household.

Ensure Everyone Has Space

Every pet should have enough space as to not feel crowded. It can help to have a separate bed for each pet. Separate food and water bowls can also help keep all the pets happy.

If needed, you can put dog beds in one room and cat beds in another. This can allow both to have areas they can claim as their own without causing tension. Cats tend to want more alone time than dogs. Baby gates or other dividers can help give the cats time away from the dogs. You can also use dividers to keep the dogs away from the litter boxes.

Feed in Separate Locations

In addition to separate feeding bowls, separate feeding areas can help keep the peace between pets. Cats and dogs can be territorial about their food. Feeding them in separate areas means they can enjoy their meals without worrying about their housemates interfering.

You can also try feeding cats on an elevated surface like a washing machine or counter. This allows the cat to eat without the dog trying to steal its food.

Give Each Pet Time with You

Your pets may feel like they don’t get enough attention when they have to share you with other pets. Try to give each pet attention separately. This can be as simple as taking only one for a walk or having playtime in a closed off space.

Separate Pets when Leaving the House

When leaving the house, put the pets in separate rooms. This prevents them from fighting with each other while you are gone. This is a good solution for pets that don’t get along and vie for territory. Put them in rooms they are comfortable in.

Slowly Introduce them to Each Other

Cats and dogs may not instantly get along. Slowly introducing them to each other can help them get used to their new furry friend. It may take some time for the pets to get comfortable with each other, so do not force them to engage.

Know Your Limit

Consider how many different pets you can manage at once. Pets require lots of attention and care. Especially in smaller living spaces, it can be difficult to manage multiple pets. Make sure you’re not overcommitting so that each pet gets proper care.