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The Best Toys for Cats

orange cat with blue toy

Mentally and physically stimulating toys are good for a cat’s health. Playtime can help your cat have a healthy and active lifestyle and may help with stress and behavioral problems.

Ball Toys

Chasing a rolling ball across the floor is a great way to keep your cat active. Balls with small treats or bells inside grab a cat’s attention and keep them entertained for longer.

Cardboard Boxes

A cardboard box is the simplest way to entertain a cat. Cats love confined spaces, so a small box acts as a great security space. Although a box is not thought of as a typical cat toy, it is a tool that can help with stress and provide a comfortable space for your cat to lounge.

Food Dispenser Toys

Interactive toys that dispense food provide many benefits. If your cat struggles with weight, instead of leaving food out for them to eat at any time, try putting their kibbles in a food dispenser. When the cat has to do a little work to get the treats or food, it helps slow the speed of their eating. Some food dispenser toys have to be rolled on the ground in order for anything to come out, which encourages activity.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can also be comforting for cats. They enjoy carrying things around, so make sure the toy is small enough for them to pick up with their mouth.

Wand Toys

Wand toys are sticks with a ribbon, feather, or small stuffed animal tied to it. One of the benefits of a wand toy is that playtime requires a cat’s human. This is quality bonding time for you to develop your relationship with your cat. When you wave it around for your cat to chase, it keeps them active. Also, the stick keeps a safe distance between you and your cat’s claws when they jump at the toy.

More Tips on Toys

Rotating your cat's toys can add even more excitement to playtime. If they have a particular favorite, keep that one around all of the time, but reintroduce old toys about every month so they don’t get bored with the same toys. Playtime comes with many benefits, but make sure the toys you give your cat are safe. Be careful of loose ribbons, yarn, rubber bands, paperclips, and other small items that can be hazardous to your cat if they try to swallow them.