Are Dogs Good for Relationships?

Bringing a dog into a relationship can make it stronger and can have many positive health benefits for you.

two dogs silhouette in front of sunset over water

Article Highlights

  • Dogs are social beings and make humans more social by attracting other people.

  • Dogs encourage people to exercise more, which lowers stress and can provide bonding opportunities.

  • Dogs lower stress and blood pressure in owners, and can make arguments less severe.

Can Dogs Make You More Outgoing?

Dogs get you outside more to walk, hike, and have adventures. Taking your dog to the park prompt you to be more social, even if you didn’t feel like it to start. People have seen positive results from adopting a dog after a heartbreaking event because the dog motivated them to get outside. Additionally, people are attracted to animals and are more likely to say hello if you have a pet with you.

Do People Trust Dog Owners More?

People are attracted to dog owners because they feel a sense of trust. This has been shown in dating apps, where people are more likely to swipe yes or respond to men who have dogs in their bio or pictures. Studies of women looking for men have shown that women feel a dog is a good indicator of the type of caregiver a man is. So, you may want to include a picture of your dog in your profile!

Dog people are also more empathetic and realistic, according to a 2014 study. People who own dogs and are used to seeing them dig holes, eat garbage, and then come up to kiss their face right after, learn a lot about behavior. They also gain empathy in caring for another creature. Studies have shown that people who own dogs are more likely to engage with their communities due to the empathetic attitude owning a dog inspires.

Can a Dog Improve Your Relationship?

Studies have shown that couples who own dogs have lower stress levels when dealing with conflict than couples who do not. Blood pressure levels are lowered and remain closer to normal levels even during arguments when there’s a dog around. Raising a puppy or dog requires teamwork and communication, which can make a relationship stronger. Seeing someone else nurture a dog with compassion can be very attractive and may inspire you and your partner to care for each other in a similar way.

What are the Health Benefits of Getting a Dog?

Getting a dog will force you to go outside more. Dogs need exercise and so do humans, and exercise has numerous health benefits. Going for walks and hikes with your dog and a partner will strengthen your bond, lower stress, and make you happier. It can be fun exploring the world through a dog’s eyes because they stop to smell things that you may not have noticed alone. Laughing over your dog’s goofiness inside or outside creates memories that can strengthen a relationship. On top of that, many studies have shown that owning a dog increases longevity, especially in humans with preexisting conditions.

Is Alone Time Dead?

Your dog will certainly want to spend as much time as possible with’s called unconditional love! If you adopt a dog with your partner, you will learn to appreciate alone time, because it will become scarcer. You can still find time to be alone with your partner—you just may have to get creative. Try not to be offended if your dog seems to prefer cuddling with one of you over the other, and don’t compete over it. This could only strain your relationship and put stress on the dog. Your dog will respond to the love and care you each provide, which will only get stronger with time.