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Keeping Your Aging Dog Comfortable at Home

7 helpful tips to make your elderly dog more comfortable.

elderly dog in grass

As your dog ages, it is important to make them as comfortable as possible. Elderly dogs are less agile and may need extra love. Here are seven tips to make your elderly dog more comfortable at home.


While they may not be able to run as much as they used to, it is still important to get those daily walks in. Shorter walks can be beneficial for your pet to maintain their muscle strength. Adjust the walk distance to the ability of your dog.


In addition to walks, you can keep your dog active with games. This can be as simple as playing fetch or hiding treats for them to find. Games help your dog feel young at heart again.

Food Bowls

Elevated or adjustable feeders can make it easier for your pet to eat. As dogs age, it can become more difficult for them to bend down to eat. Elevated bowls reduce the strain on their necks.


In addition to changing the food bowls, it is important to monitor your pet’s diet. Weight gain may make it more difficult for your dog to walk. Obesity may also shorten a dog’s lifespan. Some dogs may even need to switch to wet food. Talk to your veterinarian before making any major diet changes.


A thicker bed can provide better support on their joints when getting up. Older dogs may struggle to get up when sleeping on the floor. Consider investing in a thick and soft bed. Putting down rugs in their favorite places can also help your dog. Older dogs tend to sleep more throughout the day, so make sure they are comfortable throughout the house.


Remove obstacles from common areas to make it easier for your pet to get around and reduce the risk of injury as they age. Removing items with sharp edges can help too.


As your pet gets older, it can be challenging for them to deal with temperature changes. It’s best to keep a consistent temperature in the house. Your dog may also lose more hair as they age, so it’s important to help them stay warm. During colder months add extra blankets to their bedding.