Pet Aging

Keeping Your Aging Cat Comfortable at Home

6 helpful tips to make your elderly cat more comfortable.

cat in white fluffy bed

As your cat ages, you want to make them as comfortable as possible. Elderly cats are less agile and may need extra love. Here are six tips to help your elderly cat be more comfortable at home.

Help to Higher Places

As your cat ages, it may not be as agile. Cats love to climb to higher places. They may not be able to climb or jump as easily as they once could. Adding steps or ramps can help your cat reach their favorite places. You can also help your cat by lifting them up.


Cats still need exercise in their older years. Interactive play is one way to keep your cat exercising. The playtime doesn’t have to be strenuous. Short bursts of play are one way to help. Interactive play encompasses a wide variety of activities from chasing toys, climbing up a tower, to running through obstacles. Regular exercise can help your cat from becoming overweight.

Food & Water Bowls

Puzzle feeders provide a lot of benefits to cats. They create mental stimulation and encourage physical activity while your cat figures out how to get the food out of the feeder.

It is important for your cat to stay hydrated. As they age, cats may not drink enough water if their water bowl is distant from where they tend to roam. Place water bowls in strategic locations. If your house is multi-level, consider leaving a water bowl on each floor.

Litter Boxes

Similar to water bowls, it is a good idea to have multiple litter boxes throughout the house, especially on separate floors. As your cat gets older, they may have a harder time reaching their litter box if it is not easily accessible. If the litter box has high sides, the cat may no longer be able to get in. It’s best to have a litter box with a low entrance on one side. Your older cat may need a larger litter box. Ensure your cat can comfortably enter, exit and has plenty of room to turn around in their litter box.


As your pet gets older, it can be challenging for them to deal with temperature changes. It’s best to keep a consistent temperature in the house. During colder months, add extra blankets to their bedding. Cats like to sleep in warm places.


Your cat may have poor vision as it gets older. Nightlights can help your older cat navigate at night. Soft lights near their food and water bowls or litter boxes can help your cat in commonly used areas.