Advocating for Pets
Fighting Valley Fever

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Advocating for Pets

Gronkowski, who played college football at the University of Arizona, has seen the impact of Valley Fever in the region; and as the proud pet parent to his French Bulldog Ralphie, he is advocating for pets and their owners to have access to affordable and innovative care.

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First-of-its-kind Valley Fever Preventative

Anivive and world-renowned researchers at the University of Arizona are developing a first-of-its-kind vaccine to protect against Valley Fever in dogs

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Helping Pets Get Access to Care

Anivive & Gronkowski have partnered with leading pet charities to help pets get access to the care they deserve. Anivive Partners include Petco Love , Banfield Foundation , VCA Charities , Dogtopia Foundation , Morris Animal Foundation

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Show your support by signing up to be a Valley Fever Fighter

Not only are you helping pets but you get a chance to win great prizes, cool merchandise, and a chance to meet Rob & Ralphie in person.

Valley fever is a systemic fungal disease endemic in the western US.


Semi-arid Regions​

Valley Fever thrives in semiarid regions​ found in AZ, CA, NM, NV, UT, TX, OR, WA


Easily Infected

​Just walking playing, or digging outdoors puts dogs at risk ​


Massive Needs

More than 30 million dogs live in or travel to endemic areas each year​


Pain Suffered

Symptoms include Coughing or difficulty breathing, Fever, Lack of appetite, Depression, Seizures and Open sores that do not heal


Existing Solutions

Once infected, treatment requires months of antifungal therapies, which can be expensive and carry the risk of side effects.