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With intelligent software, we are developing groundbreaking treatments and preventatives for debilitating veterinary diseases.

Valley Fever is currently unpreventable - and spreading

Counties Infected
Dogs at Risk

Our first-in-class vaccine has the potential to make this debilitating infection a thing of the past

Our first-in-class vaccine has the potential to make this debilitating infection a thing of the past

Fighting Valley Fever

4-Time Super Bowl Champion and 5-Time NFL Pro-Bowler Rob Gronkowski, who played college football at the University of Arizona, has seen the impact of Valley Fever in the region. As the proud pet parent to his French Bulldog Ralphie, Gronk is advocating for pets and their owners to have access to affordable andinnovative care.

Gronk and his dog Ralphie

“The more I learned about Anivive, the more I fell in love with their mission. I wanted to be a part of saving pets lives with a company that is making treatments that have never been done before.”

Industry leading technology and research to keep your pets healthy.


The smartest research engine in pet health is populated with decades of global research and over 1 billion datapoints.


Daily data and DNA contributions fuel the increasing intelligence of our AI-powered search for new ways to treat existing diseases.


Decades of data on pet health and predictive analytics help us focus on the most promising new drugs for pets.

Targeted Medicine

For Unmet Needs

Targeted Medicine

For Unmet Needs

The discovery module identifies promising therapeutics for pets, then predicts how effective they'll be. The power of AI puts drug development on the fast track - efficiency that makes our medicines more affordable.

We pair our therapies with tools to make caring for your pet easier.


New solutions to track and
manage your pet's health.


Creating a suite of supporting products to make pet care easier -- even on the go.


You can learn from 100+ articles written by our expert team of veterinarians.


Ceramide body wash and supplements for skin health.

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We're a multidisciplinary team of veterinarians, computer scientists, 3D designers, and researchers working together to change pet health forever.
Gronk and his dog Ralphie

Gronk & Ralphie
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