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Pets suffer unnecessarily from a lack of approved treatments for diseases.
Help Find A Cure
With AniviveTrial, we are trying to change that so that pets can have longer and healthier lives.
Reinventing The Process
Our powerful software solution improves access to new therapeutics by removing clinical trial inefficiencies.
We are redefining the way veterinarians, researchers and pet owners participate in clinical trials, ultimately accelerating therapeutic development.
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From recruitment and patient management to gathering and tracking clinical data, AniviveTrial eases the entire process for both the veterinarian and pet owner by making it simple and convenient.

For pet owners, participating in clinical trials can be challenging and time consuming in the midst of busy lives. AniviveTrial is an all-in-one platform that helps users (veterinarians and pet owners) discover, enroll, manage, and understand clinical trials.

For veterinarians with an already overloaded schedule, discovering what clinical trial options exist, enrolling patients, tracking trial data and managing patient communication cuts into time that could be spent helping more pets. AniviveTrial provides veterinarians access to cutting edge clinical trial science and treatments under development.

We focus on matching the best candidates with the best potential treatment options regardless of patient location. If you are interested in participating in cutting edge clinical trials, please visit anitrial.com for more information.

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